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  • Tuesday December 18th 2018
TOYS OF HOPE OHEKA CASTLE TOYS OF HOPE, OHEKA CASTLE, and the Pat Covelli Foundation join together for the 24th Annual Toys of Hope Children's event benefitting 300+needy children on: Tuesday December 18th 2018

TOYS OF HOPE, OHEKA CASTLE, and the Pat Covelli Foundation have joined together for the 24th Annual Toys of Hope children's event benefiting over 350 needy children. On Tuesday December 18th 2018, children ages 3-5 will be treated to a party starring: Celebrities, Professional athletes, Local Politicians, Elmo, Cat in the Hat, Dora the Explorer, a King, Queen and Royal Court. Santa will surprise each child with a shopping bag full of toys, books, hats and mittens. Join us in making this party a magical experience for these children in need. CLICK HERE FOR MORE...


November 16th - 131 women get hygiene products.
November 16th- 54 bags of dog food are delivered to Veterans through our Poor Paws Program.
November 20th- Andre's 2,000 turkey give away and 5,000 bottles of laundry detergent, cleaners, cutting boards, electric knives for carving turkey, brand new books, tote bags and mom gifts.
November 22nd- Load rented 26 ft box truck full of toys and books for Peace Valley Haven to help us distribute.
November 25th- Brian play Santa for 500 children at Peace Valley Haven Christmas Party all toys, books and gifts from Toys of Hope.
November27th- 50 brand new car seats and books and baby blankets and toys distributed in Derby Connecticut.


December Public Events- (For a list of the private events contact Melissa)

December 2- American Giving Project, as known as, Toys of Hope and the Nassau County Police Department Parade through Nassau County with Brian as Santa on a huge float giving out 5,000 toys and making 5 scheduled stops to hand out toys.
December 3- 400 children will get toys at a church in Suffolk County.
December 5- Make up, hygiene gifts and brand new coats distributed at 2 NYC homeless shelters.
December 6- "Momma Pajama Day" -Huge PJ distribution at 2 shelters.
December 7- Adopted whole school...2,300 children get toys.
December 8-9 Adopt a family deliveries.
December 10- DV victims receive brand new clothes and coats.
December 13- Pack Oheka bags.
December 14- Ronald McDonald House.
December 15- Pick up and deliver adopt a families----Honest volunteers needed- items will be monitored closely.
December 16- Toys of Hope Santa Con in Farmingdale all day.
December 16- Toys of Hope Holiday House in Westbury.
December 17- Toys of Hope Santa Village and craft fair.
December 18- 350 children entertained at the annual Oheka Castle party---adults needed to wear costumes.
December 20- 210 homeless men get brand new coats and underwear.
December 21-22 Pick up adopt a family gifts.
December 23- 2,000 people parking lot give away.
December 24- Christmas Eve Shelter parade---volunteers needed.
December 25- Adopt a family deliveries.
December 26- "I Love My Daddy Day" delivery of assorted items to homeless men.
December 27- 603 brand new toys delivered Eastern Long Island.

more to come as they get scheduled...

Toys of Hope is a not for profit corporation registered with the State of New York and the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax deductible.