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Adopt a family program

It’s not too late to adopt a family for the holidays, please fax in your form from now until January 15th

The Toys of Hope Adopt-A-Family program was set up to assist especially needy families. Donors can help in one of two ways.

First, you can sponsor a family by donating from $100 to $2500, depending on the family size.

Second, Toys of Hope can provide you with a list of items requested by the family. You then purchase the items and Toys of Hope will deliver them to the family.

Whichever way you choose to help, you will receive a description of the family and their circumstances. Toys of Hope keeps the identity of the families confidential due to the sensitive nature of their individual situations. However, with the family’s permission, a photo may be provided to the sponsor. In addition, sponsors who wish to remain anonymous may do so.

Families chosen for the Adopt-A-Family program are living in homeless shelters or have been referred to Toys of Hope by county social service agencies, schools, hospitals, fire departments, religious institutions and other service organizations. Members of these families often suffer from illness or disabilities that prevent them from working.

With your help, we can provide essentials for the home and all family members. This will, in turn, create a happier, more fulfilling and self-sufficient life for needy children and their families.

You can participate in the Adopt-A-Family program during the holiday season or year round. Just fill out the quick and simple form to the right, fax it to us, and we will contact you. OR

If you would like to Adopt a Family for a one time donation between $100 to $2,500, please
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to donate online by credit card.