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Urgent: Help Hurricane Sandy Victims This Holiday

Toys of Hope is seeking donations to assist families affected by the hurricane.

Immediately after the storm, Toys of Hope started collecting items and pulling supplies from our warehouse, to help families in need.

Once vehicles were permitted on the roads,Toys of Hope volunteers loaded our trucks with hygiene items, cleaning supplies, clothing, blankets, flashlights, lanterns, non perishable food, pet food and bottled water and then headed for the neighborhoods that were most devastated by the storm. Most of Long Island was still without power including our own homes, but the thought of people in their dark, wet and cold homes kept us moving.

It was challenging, there were trees and power lines blocking many roads. Even finding an open gas station to refuel our trucks was difficult. Once we arrived in the areas that needed help, Toys of Hope unloaded our supplies and started going door to door to offer assistance. When families saw the Toys of Hope truck, people came out of their homes to welcome us as their first signs of hope.

These videos show the raw emotion and despair these families were experiencing. Please use this link to donate directly to Sandy victims. 100% of all donations will be used to help the children and their families this holiday. Please "sponsor a child" or "adopt a whole family" we really need to work together to give these families a holiday. New toy and new clothing drives are needed. Please donate, no amount is to small to help.


Toys of Hope is able to buy everything wholesale and tax free. We are in NEED of MORE MONATARY DONATIONS, to continue at this pace. Long Island families and children have been depending on the Help from the organization for over 15 years. We need your help to complete our mission.

Click here to donate specifically for this cause: Hurricane Sandy